Health Ministries

Peace, wellness, and health are all rooted in the word "shalom". When Christ offered salvation, he was offering a path to wholeness. Through our health ministries, we offer programs, seminars, and other ways to see life in a holistic way. Our goal is to offer practical guides to a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Yearly Collections

Throughout the year, we are continuously collecting school supplies for schools, water bottles for firefighters, food for the hungry, desks for children in other countries, and so much more.

Vacation Bible School

Our yearly Vacation Bible School is an offering to the whole community where we offer an evening of food, games, and learning for children and adults.

Community Gardens

Each summer, we open our gardens up to the public for people to play in the dirt and grow produce for their families and communities. If you are interested in a plot, please contact us in the spring for availability.